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Benefits of Reading

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

When was the last time you read a substantial book or magazine article? With the expansion of social networks, people are reading all the time. Aside from status updates and other current news If you aren't frequently reading more extensive material, you may be failing to enjoy a significant number of benefits. After all, as the English poet Joseph Addison put it:

"Reading is to the intellect what exercise is to the body."

1. Stress management.

A well-written work or article can carry the reader elsewhere, engage and distract, releasing tension and providing relaxation.

2. Knowledge.

Reading usually brings new information, which can be useful in everyday situations. The more knowledge, the more you are prepared to face challenges.

3. Expansion of vocabulary.

The more reading, the more words end up integrating the vocabulary of the reader. Being articulate and communicative is important in all professions, it generates self-confidence and helps to improve self-esteem.

4. Stimulus to memory.

When reading a book, you need to remember a variety of characters and events in each story. Each new memory created can help strengthen existing ones.

5. Improved focus and concentration.

When you focus on reading a book or a longer article, focus and concentration are heightened, especially if there are no interruptions during the period.

6. Low-cost entertainment.

When visiting public libraries, it's possible to have free access to works. These places usually have books on a myriad of subjects, all available for loan. There are also many free books that can be found online.

7. Ability to write.

Writing well is a necessary skill in the corporate world. Observing the fluency and writing styles of other authors will positively influence the way you write.

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