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Be Kind To Yourself

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

When your friend is sad, upset or in need of affection, what do you do? Surely you offer your shoulder and words of encouragement that are full of support. But what if it's you who's not having a good day? What do you do for yourself?

Often we're not empathetic with our own problems. We end up diminishing our feelings and not giving the necessary attention to our pain. From now on, it's time to change that reality.

Research shows that being too hard on yourself is counterproductive. When adopting new habits or trying to be a better person, it's not recommended that you judge yourself too much. When you speak negative words to yourself, your brain understands it an external threat, like a disaster, an assault, or a fight. Try your best to avoid attacking and hurting yourself. Try to treat you like a friend.

When we're too critical, the natural reaction is to retreat to our comfort zone. Being hard on yourself will drastically reduce the chances of emotional healing and internal growth. Therefore, evaluate yourself with kindness and care. It's good to identify mistakes, but be gentle.


Do your best to ignore every negative thought your mind tries to say about who you are or what you are doing. Judge yourself less and allow yourself to be happy!

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