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Empower Your Thoughts

Discover a new version of yourself.

The word "empower" has been linked to the topic of self-care for quite some time, but not until now is it coming into popular discussion, with both family and friends, as well as on the internet. Empowerment is an act of encouragement for yourself and others to address issues such as domestic violence, fear, the disparity of culture and so on. It serves to increase self-esteem, causing you to see value, merit, and intelligence in yourself and others. But, how can one find the strength to empower?

People Empower

Solidarity is the act of unity between people, helping one another in the struggle against oppression. When someone next to you is feeling insignificant, make them see their potential, help them to see their magnificence, both inward and outward. All of us endure some form of oppression, whether it be because of our gender, race, or the amount we weigh. No matter the reason, the fact is that it's difficult to deal with, especially alone. So, try to encourage and support others, helping them in whatever way that's within your ability.

Books Empower

Curate a pile of books to read that connect with your passions. Study topics that fill you with inspiration and encourage you to face your fears. Many authors truly dedicate themselves, writing books to share their lifetime of knowledge. By reading, we're able to acquire wisdom gained by living the life of more than just our own. Studying can make you feel powerful, prepared, and confident to turn the page to the next chapter in life.

Testimonies Empower

Relating to the experience of others can inspire you to lead your own life. Surround yourself by people in a support group who openly share their struggles. Discovering that we're not alone in our pain, that it's not just you who deals with strife can open the gate to liberation. Watch videos on YouTube of personal life testimonials specific to your interests. You can also ask to learn the stories of those who are already in your life. The intention is to feel embraced and inspired to produce your own empowerment and self-esteem.

"The expansion of your true-self is dependent on self-love, the ones who seek and promote empowerment will accompany virtue."
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