Exercise Your Memory

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

Every day we're bombarded with worries, information, and demands - which makes it easier to get distracted, losing attention and concentration. Maintaining the ability to store, acquire or retrieve information is a matter of encouragement. There's no perfect method for keeping "sharp" memory, but it is possible to exercise the brain daily to improve how to filter and retain what truly matters. Below are five tips that can easily integrate your day to day life and help you with the challenge of exercising your memory.

5 Stimulating Actions

  • Challenge Your Mind: Chess, the rubiks cube, crossword puzzles, as well as other games involving reasoning are excellent to stimulate memory because they require the mind to establish logical connections in order to unravel the mysteries.

  • Watch Interactive Movies: Avoid shows with mindless plots and instead watch intriguing movies that have dense plots that provoke inspiration, doubts and instigate thought and discussion – opt for so-called intelligent films.

  • Exit Your Comfort Zone: Exercise your awareness by getting away from the routine and adding new things in your daily life. Try making mild changes in your approach to tasks, such as switching up your work method, eating with cutlery in opposite hands or shopping in different supermarkets.

  • Organize Your Tasks: Even with the daily rush, it's possible to perform each activity with focused thought. Face one thing at a time and pay attention to what you are doing, this will avoid silly forgetfulness that causes us to sometimes ask ourselves, "what was I just doing?"

  • Get Good Rest: Our brain needs rest to keep it functioning properly. Sleeping at least eight uninterrupted hours every night is crucial as well as practicing leisure activities and taking vacations periodically.

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