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Learn To Forgive

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

Living more lightly is essential to the quality of life. How about taking advantage of this new year to leave the past behind and start to tread a new path?

Everything begins with inner forgiveness.

When you are able to forgive yourself, it is easier to forgive others. There is no magic formula or step-by-step to follow. You have to take it easy and respect your own limits.

But, after all, how can we genuinely forgive? It is certainly not a simple task. First of all, one must understand the causes of frustration. For what reason does it strike you so much? Is it something that can be fixed? After these assessments, you must remember that what has gone by cannot be changed. What happened, at the time, happened.

Behind all the challenges and obstacles in life there is always some learning required.

What can you absorb from bad situations? Self-forgiveness works the same way. Sometimes we act kindly to others and forget about ourselves. It is worth nothing to dwell on the past. You did what you could. Allow yourself to let go.

Forgiveness is extremely beneficial to health. To forgive is to break free. It is taking away from the burden of conscience and being void of negative feelings like hatred, rancor, and revenge. Forgiving relieves stress, lowers blood pressure, and strengthens the immune system. When we focus on correcting some flawed act rather than thinking about it without reaching a conclusion, everything becomes lighter. Forgiveness gives us the opportunity to rethink what we have done and recognize that we can do differently at another opportunity. When we are freed from a grievance, a sense of well-being is nurtured within us. Even if it is not instantaneously, forgiveness can bring great relief.

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