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Your Personal Medicare Plan Shopper & Advocate

  • The term Advisor is the industry's friendly term for Agent or Broker.

  • Advisors are licensed by the state to represent health insurance companies.

  • An Advisor should represent multiple health insurance companies, providing several options for you to choose from.

  • The more health insurance companies your Advisor works with, the better they’re able to help find a plan that’s just right for you.

  • The price of a health plan does not increase or decrease if an Advisor helps you enroll. 

  • Advisors are paid by the insurance company whose plan you enroll in.

  • There should never be a fee to receive services from an Advisor.

  • An Advisor's goal is to help you select a health insurance policy that most complements your personal health coverage needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Advisors

  1. Will I be charged any amount of money when inquiring about my options?  No

  2. Do their services cost money at the time of or after I enroll in a plan?  No

  3. Can they recommend a plan based on my individual needs?  Yes

  4. Can they recommend a plan based on my specific budget?  Yes

  5. Will they act as an advocate if I have problems with my insurance company?  Yes

  6. Will they answer any questions or concerns I may have throughout the year?  Yes

  7. Are they required to pass strict exams to demonstrate expertise in the insurance field?  Yes

  8. Are they required to be licensed in each state they work in?  Yes

  9. Do they undergo criminal background checks before working with consumers?  Yes

  10. Will I have the same options when enrolling with an Advisor as directly with the carrier?  Yes

  11. Do I get more help when enrolling with an Advisor than directly with the carrier?  Yes

Want Someone To Guide You Through Medicare?

If you don't yet have an Advisor, empower your choices today! Please fill out the form below or simply give us a call.

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* By clicking "Request an Advisor" you are requesting to be aligned with a Licensed Health Insurance Agent to discuss your Medicare Plan options.

A clear understanding will always lead you to better choices.

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