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Decrease Smartphone Usage

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

The latest technology of cell phones provides us with numerous abilities on a daily basis. Who does not love communicating with distant friends and family? Or share on social media the best moments of life? As helpful as they are, one must be careful because overuse can create health hazards and disrupt other aspect of life.

Balance is the key word when it comes to life.

The average amount of time spent on smartphones is around four hours a day and is increasing every year. It may seem ironic, but the solution to this habit may be in the device itself. There are many applications to block social networks or monitor the time spent on each day. The Forest App, for example, encourages the sustainability and healthy use of technology. You need to plant a virtual tree, and for it to grow, you need to stay without using your cell phone for 30 minutes. It is available for Android and iOS. The Freedom App, available for iOS, Android and computers, lets you create lock sessions for pre-selected tools on different devices, preventing programs from connecting to the internet.

Other useful tips:

  • Buy an alarm clock so you will not be held hostage to wake up.

  • Turn off notifications so you don't get distracted during important moments.

  • Uninstall social networking apps during the week.

  • Instead of jotting down tasks on your mobile phone, have a regular calendar or notebook.

Of course, these tips are hard to follow if your schedule depends on smartphones and social networking. However, it is possible to take a break! When you go out with a friend, turn off the phone and focus your time on the conversation. Live the moment. Read a book when you are on public transportation or in some waiting room. Use the internet with awareness and do not forget to focus your attention on what really matters!

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